Poze BCAA 8:1:1 Zero, 250 g

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BCAA 8:1:1 Zero, 250 g

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BCAA 8:1:1 Zero, 250 g

  • 8:1:1 ratio of leucine, isoleucine and valine content
  • sugar-free
  • with stevia as sweetener
  • safe and doping-free

BCAAs belong to the 9 amino acids essential for the human body, which means your body is incapable of producing it itself and you need food or supplements to get these very important nutrients.
BioTechUSA’s BCAA 8:1:1 contains an increased amount of leucine, the first protein building amino acid to be used by your body.

Like all BioTech USA products, the flavoured BCAA 8:1:1 Zero consists of safe and carefully selected ingredients.

Directions: - Mix one serving (3 measuring spoons) with 250 ml water and drink before workout / directly after workout.

Cola: BCAA 74% (L-leucine 59%, L-isoleucine7.4%, L-valine 7.4%), acid (citric acid), flavours, colour(caramel), sweeteners (sucralose, steviol glycosides),acidity regulator (potassium tartrates), anti-foamingagents (sodium phosphates, dimethyl-polysiloxane),salt. Made in a plant that also manufactures milk, soy, eggand mustard containing foods.
Blue raspberry: BCAA 74% (L-leucine 59%, L-isoleucine7.4%, L-valine 7.4%), flavours, acid (citricacid), sweeteners (sucralose, steviol glycosides), acidityregulator (potassium tartrates), anti-foaming agents (sodiumphosphates, dimethyl-polysiloxane), salt, colour (indigotine). Made in a plant that also manufactures milk, soy, egg andmustard containing foods.

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Categorie: Aminoacizi - BCAA, arginina pentru crestere

Producator: BioTech USA

BioTech USA

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